Account Review Update

By June 1, 2014 News No Comments

Hey YoFans,

As you might remember, we spoke about an upcoming account review recently. Well, that is now completed. We looked at all accounts with potentially ambiguous bans, of which there were roughly 5,000.

99% of them were clearly legitimate bans. The remaining 1% we couldn’t be sure, so we removed the restrictions and added them to a watchlist.

If you are trying to log into your account and are finding you’re still banned, and you believe this is in error, you can still follow the instructions on-screen to get in touch and our team can look into it for you.

There has also been a lot of chatter lately about why we ban people, legitimate players getting caught up and worries about trading etc. While we cannot go into detail on how we catch rulebreakers for obvious reasons, we can say this:

Nobody is simply banned for trade disparity. You can give coins and items to friends, and they can give them to you. We’re very aware of how much things trade for and we do take this into account with everything we do.

Thanks, and have a great day.

Gary Stevenson
YoWorld Team
Big Viking Games