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Hey YoFans,

It’s been a while, we hope you’re all well.

As you may note, since the launch of the game, our blog posting on yoworld.com has slowed down a fair bit. Rather than give players 3 or 4 different official places to check for information, we’re going to try to keep it to just the game itself and the forums for now.

The forums are great because we can respond to your feedback on our updates. If you haven’t checked them out, you’ll find them here: http://forums.yoworld.com. See the news section for information on the latest releases. We’re also close to releasing a new feature that will allow us to communicate more effectively in-game with you all as well.

This site itself will remain fairly quiet for the time being, and at a later date we hope to transform it into a fully functional YoPortal, full of all the cool stuff you’ve been asking for.

Thanks for playing YoWorld, you are the best! Play YoWorld now: http://apps.facebook.com/playyoworld/

Gary Stevenson
YoWorld Team
Big Viking Games