This year, give a mystery gift! Only in stores until Dec 26th, there are 2 amazing Mystery Boxes, each with a prize list of 6 unique items including a limited edition pet (the YoCoins pet is the YoPuppy from our own YoStory). Now is your chance to give a gift to your friends and neighbours, or—if you want—treat yourself to something special!

YoFest Contest

Contest Details:

  1. Decorate a Winter Wonderland themed room in YoWorld. As long as it’s winter holiday themed, anything goes, so use your imagination!
  2. Take a screenshot of the room. IMPORTANT: Make sure your Yo is in the picture wearing appropriate holiday clothing. Entries without their Yo in the picture will be disqualified!
  3. Submit your entry by Dec 26th, 6:00 PM EST. Click here to enter now! Make sure you plug in your email address so we know how to contact you if you’ve won! Only ONE entry per Yo allowed!
  4. Collect votes until Jan 2nd, 6:00 PM EST. Everyone can vote daily, so vote on your favourite rooms and get others to vote on your room to win the GRAND PRIZE!
  5. This is the most important rule! All entries MUST be in the spirit of the holiday season! We will review the entries, and pick the 20 that best represent the spirit of the contest. Voting still helps, but it is NOT a guarantee your entry will win. If we feel like you are cheating, or farming votes for an entry that doesn’t represent the spirit of the contest, your entry will not win.

Remember! The earlier you enter, the more votes you can get, so get your entries in as soon as possible!


All twenty winners get FOUR never before seen items long before they hit the stores! This includes: Reindeer Antlers, a two piece Grynch outfit, and a brand new platinum hairstyle! The items are exclusively yours until they hit the stores in Spring 2015. On top of that you can also win:

  • Grand Prize: 500 YoCash, BVG Swag, and a Special Edition Winter YoFest Poster!
  • Second & Third Place: 100 YoCash and a Special Edition Winter YoFest Poster!
  • Fourth – Tenth Place: 50 YoCash
  • Eleventh – Twentieth Place: 20 YoCash